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Happy Endings for our rescues

We have placed many dogs into new homes, mainly with the help of Save a Sato . We ourselves have been able to place some of our older and even disabled dogs with some help of caring individuals in the states and the help of PetFinder.com.

Macho and Sissi now both find themselves in a home together far from Macho beach. Long gone are the days of sitting on the beach not knowing where their next meal would come from.
"I cannot even explain how much love Ellie has for us and us for her...she is just so lovable.....she is happy, healthy..she loves to cuddle under the covers at night with me....when she isn't there i miss her...when we go away on vacation..we miss her....she is just PURE LOVE and JOY wrapped up in a little black and white bundle. I think of Ellie as my child. We do not have children and she is smart too. She understands what you say.....she laughs......she is just ELLIE..what can I say." sharonW
Sandy .. "she is doing great!!!! Her personality is really starting to show and she is a good girl ....We start a training class next week. She loves playing with the neighbor dogs and watching the geese in the backyard!!! " Christine
Negrita was also very lucky to find a home this holiday season. Her special gift this Christmas was a better life.
We have many others that are successfull adoptions, and are very happy that we were able to give them a second chance at having a happy and healthy life. But we couldn't have accomplished any of this with out the help of people that love pets and the homes that have taken these "sato's" in.