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Welcome to Animals In Need.

    When we found Macho on Macho beach in Puerto Rico with his face covered in dry blood, we just had to rescue him. He had lost an eye, part of his ear and his tale was broken in two places. He also had mange and was near death.

    Macho was named after the beach he was rescued from. It took several months to nurse him back to health and then he was flown to Washington where we gave him the chance for the life he deserves. This motivated us to give even more of these unfortunate dogs the same chance for a life worth living.

Dedicated to helping companion animals on the island of Puerto Rico and in our own state of Washington.

    We are a small, non-profit, volunteer based dog rescue group dedicated to saving abandoned, abused, neglected puppies and dogs in Puerto Rico and locally. We rescue mostly dogs in need, often nurse them back to health and find suitable and loving homes to give these dogs a chance for a life we believe they deserve.

    Prior to the dogs being flown to the northwest from Puerto Rico, they are kept in private foster homes we have set up there for a minimum of three weeks to give us the chance to see the dogs' dispositions, observe personalities and evaluate their individual needs to find the best suited home.

  • Reducing pet over population
  • Vaccinations to reduce diseases
  • Awareness of animal abuse and neglect that goes on and bring about change.
  • Improve the quality of life for everyone involved (people and animals).
    Ways that we can all help is by spaying and neutering our pets. If yours is already altered, you can always help a friend or go to your local shelter and have a dog or cat altered.

    Adopt a dog or cat from a shelter. Do not encourage bad breeding or puppy mills by buying a pup from a pet store. If you do use a breeder make sure they are responsible and that they offer a healthy puppy. Ask questions and don't go just by looks, get to know your new pet and make sure they are healthy and get a good clean bill of health from your vet.