Animals in Need

Welcome to the Animals In Need rescue group.

The adventure all started with one small dog being picked up from Macho Beach, Puerto Rico. We named this small guy Macho, after the beach from which he was rescued. We found him covered in dry blood, missing an eye, missing part of his ear, and his tail broken in two places. We immediately took him to the vet, who also found Macho to be suffering from mange. He was very lucky we found him when we did.

Several months of recuperation were in store for Macho. At the end of his recovery, he was flown to Washington to meet his new family to begin his new, very long life, and to be the start of Animals In Need of Washington. We have been able to rescue and adopt out thousands of dogs from the streets of Puerto Rico, and local dogs from our area.

Picture of Regina, founder of Animals In Need


Picture of Macho, rescued from Macho Beach PR


Bob, president of Animals In Need


Dedicated to helping companion animals on the island of Puerto Rico and in our own state of Washington.

About Us

We are a small non-profit, volunteer based dog resue group dedicated to saving abandoned, abused, and neglected puppies and dogs in Puerto Rico, and locally. We typically rescue dogs that are in need of veterinary care. We provide all that they need until they are healthy enough to find suitable loving homes, and then place them where they can have the life we believe they deserve.

For dogs that do come from Puerto Rico, they are fostered in private homes to ensure all dogs recieve proper care, all vet checkups and we observe personalities and dispositions to eveluate their needs and match them to best suited families.


  • Each rescue helps prevent future puppies from being born on the streets, thus reducing pet over-population.
  • Vaccinations to reduce diseases
  • Raise awareness of abuse and neglect, and bring about change
  • Improve the quality of life for everyone involved (people and animals).

We can all help by spaying and nuetering our pets. If your pet is already altered, you can always help a friend, or help shelters provide that service as a volunteer.

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